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  May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the elephant in the room nowadays seems to be the fact that mental health comes to into play for almost every school shooting and suicide, and so many other tragic life events. Why can’t we prevent them? During my blogging of the bionic pancreas series, back in […]

Why I Go to Therapy…


When you say something about “being in therapy,” people often associate it with recovery or mental illness. For some that is the case, but I’d like to talk about why I choose to go to therapy. As someone living with type 1 and professionally working in the field to help empower others to advocate for […]

FFL Sandy with BW AF

If I can sum up my Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference this year with two words, I’d say it was emotional and educational. What makes this conference like none other is that the focus is on the people touched with diabetes on a more personal level. It’s about improving lives with a holistic […]

The Stress Spiral

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Lately, life has been pretty stressful. Does it come with this time of year? I’ve transitioned to a new job, which has been very exciting, but has also caused a lot of stress, too. There’s a huge learning curve with starting a new job: being that I am a tad of an over-achiever, I am […]

David vs. Diabetes Goliath

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Diabetes Goliath is a relentless, mighty beast with night-and-day vicious endurance that I have battled consistently for twenty-five years and counting. At first look, this unmanageable nightmare of self-discipline can seem to be a 24-hour-a-day war zone disease, destroying anyone’s blood sugar balancing act. This Diabetes Goliath listens to no one, its combat strategy can […]


During college I was 350 pounds, drinking over a gallon of water a day, and getting up every twenty minutes during the night to urinate. There was no question that I had diabetes, but does a 350-pound, twenty-one-year-old have type 1 or type 2? It was decided by my doctors that at my weight I […]

Wellness and Pregnancy

What defines “wellness”? Isn’t being well simply being happy? Does wellness mean being healthy? Isn’t being well those summer evenings when you have had just enough wine and a filling dinner made with fresh veggies from a local farm stand, and the sunlight fades through the trees, and you hear children laughing in the yard […]


I had the opportunity to attend the first Mental Health Issues in Diabetes Conference, which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Monday, October 7, 2013, and was co-sponsored by JDRF and Universal Health Services. This gathering of clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, parents, and PWDs was informative and eye-opening. The goal of the day was […]

Cake for comfort food post

I begrudgingly looked at my husband the other night and said, “Although I love the fall, I am not so excited that you won’t be grilling as much and I will be back in the kitchen cooking.” The summer season is ideal for easy lean-protein and low-carb meals like grilled chicken and grilled veggies or […]

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The pressure to eat like the “perfect diabetic” never goes away. Every bite we take, every calorie we bake…well, you get it. In life with the ol’ type 1 diabetes, there’s no moment with food that isn’t surrounded by thought or guilt or planning or counting or wondering if what we’re about to eat is […]